Coinbase stock listing is coming, teach you to speculate with defi synthetic assets — How to trade Coinbase stocks on the chain?

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3 min readApr 14, 2021

Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the United States, announced that it will officially go public on April 14, and the news has once again attracted close attention from investors. Coinbase is currently valued at $100 billion based on prices in the private equity market. Such a valuation soon caused market agitation, and the platform coins of BNB, HT, OKB and other head exchanges in the cryptocurrency circle soared accordingly, and the whole crypto was immersed in big expectations for the future.

This is a historic moment for the crypto community, as no crypto exchange has ever entered the mainstream financial world before this, and Coinbase’s official approval to list on Nasdaq will likely set the stage for the future trends of the entire crypto industry.

“This is a milestone for the industry and a new stage of economic legitimization. It confirms the industry is maturing and bringing solid players under the spotlight.This is a validation that crypto is not just about some speculation game started by some passionate tech geeks in a garage.” This was analyzed thus by Ouriel Ohayon, CEO of Bitcoin wallet ZenGo.

From an industry development perspective, this is indeed very exciting. But what the average investor in the industry is more interested in is whether they can get some kind of benefit from it and how to catch this windfall?

Coinbase has announced that its Class A common stock will be listed on NASDAQ on the 14th of this month under the ticker symbol “COIN”. In the past, this news would not have been of much value to the retailed investor. Because foreign users are not convenient to buy shares of NASDAQ-listed companies. To invest U.S. stock, they need to go to the United States or overseas to open an account for U.S. stocks, and then they can trade.

It’s depressing to watch a blue chip stock valued at $100 billion go public and not be able to invest in it. And now we have a fabulous financial tool — synthetic assets. It can simulate the price change of Coinbase’s stock(COIN), we only need to hold the synthetic asset, without actually holding the stock COIN, we still can trade it.

As the first synthetic asset platform on the Huobi ECO Chain and the first synthetic asset platform in the world that supports multi-asset pledge, Synbit ( will open the synthetic asset channel for Coinbase’s stock(COIN), users can pledge their HT, DAI, SYN, USDT, HUSD and other assets on the Synbit platform. Users can take some pledge rates to successfully “buy” synthetic assets with stock COIN as the underlying, also it’s easy to ride the trend of the first NASDAQ stock in the Crypto.

In addition to stocks, Synbit offers traders a wide range of categories of digital assets as well as derivatives trading on traditional assets, such as fiat currencies yUSD, yEUR, yKRW; commodities synthetic gold, synthetic silver, crude oil derivatives; crypto yBTC, yETH, yBNB; and inverse crypto asset(which move in the opposite direction of the price of the native asset).

Anyone can use the Synbit Synthetic Asset Issuance Protocol to re-synthesize traditional financial products and new financial derivatives and participate the trading. This significantly reduces transaction costs and increases efficiency for market participants. Like the Coinbase NASDAQ IPO, Synbit builds bridges and opens the way for ordinary investors to participate in it.

Synbit enriches open finance and will create a safer, more convenient and efficient synthetic asset trading platform with more diversified trading varieties, a fairer all-ecological incentive model, and a better and safer clearing mechanism.

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